Partner Advantages

Trina Solar Partner Plus Program

Exclusively for Rooftop PV Installers. Sign up today!
Become a member of the Trina Solar Partner Plus Program and gain access to a wide range of business building tools and opportunities provided by Trina Solar.
    • Sign up and secure your privileges - as a member of the Partner Plus Program, you have access to sales, marketing, technical and training tools to help you grow your solar business. Earn points for virtually every activity in the Partner Plus portal and cash out whenever you are ready!
    • Partner Plus Portal - Gain access to Trina Solar product information, solar industry resources, and the Trina Solar Training Academy. Program participation is free and exclusively for residential installers.
    • Training Academy - Gain access to the exclusive Trina Solar Training Academy where installers can go through a customized curriculum to learn everything about Trina Solar products and installation. Useful sales training seminars and NABCEP continuing education courses also available. 
    • Technical Service - Trina Solar will provide you with fast, efficient and personalized support on all your Trina Solar company and product questions.
    • Active Sales and Marketing Support - We help you grow your business by making your advertising and marketing campaigns easier! With lead generation in your installation area, and a wide range of advertising, direct marketing, show and event suggestions and downloads available, gaining new customers and converting them from a prospect to a win is a snap!
Trina Solar installers deserve more! Trina Solar is committed to helping your business grow and as a member of the Partner Plus program, you will receive regular updates about our products, events and the latest developments at Trina Solar.